Postdoctoral Research Opportunities – Pelotonia Fellowship Program

Postdoctoral Pelotonia Fellowship Program


Postdoctoral research opportunities include the Postdoctoral Pelotonia Fellowship Program which provides two-year research fellowships for up to 12 of the brightest and most promising postdoctoral candidates who want to help cure cancer. Cancer is a complex disease and curing it will take a multidisciplinary effort. So, no matter what the field of study, from the traditional science fields to fields such as history, business and computer science, any postdoctoral candidate may apply.

The Pelotonia Fellowship Program trains promising and accomplished undergraduate, graduate, medical and postdoctoral students from any discipline at Ohio State who have the potential to become independent cancer researchers.

The Fellowship Program started in 2010 and has awarded 606 student fellowships through an annual allocation of $2 million in Pelotonia revenue for this program. Scholarship recipients so far include 278 undergraduates, 184 graduates, 138 postdoctoral fellows and six medical students. Nine fellows have received two awards — either undergraduate and graduate, or graduate and postdoctoral.


The awards are made by a Pelotonia Fellowship Committee that oversees the program and includes some of Ohio State’s most distinguished basic, translational and clinical researchers from many disciplines.

Complete details and application can be found here:
Postdoc Pelotonia Fellowship Program